Ooze labs Test Tube Slime Kit
Ooze labs Test Tube Slime Kit

Ooze labs Test Tube Slime Kit

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About This Product

Explore the fascinating world of slime with the Ooze Labs Test Tube Slime! These engaging kits offer a hand-on experience, allowing you to create and experiment with various types of slimes. unleash your creativity as you delve into the colourful and squishy realm of slime science.

- Ages 6+
- Non-toxic

About the Slimes
- Thermocolour Slime: Make colour changing slime. Temperature dependant colour change from blue to green.
- Glitter Slime. Mix up a pale blue slime and add holographic glitter flecks to it for a fun, sparkly effect.
- Sunshine Slime. Changes colour when exposed to sunlight.
- Glow in the dark slime. Special properties that allow it to store light energy.
- Glowing Galaxy Slime: Slime that twinkles and glows like the starry night sky

When you add the water to the polymers in the slime powder, it helps link the polymer molecules together. When enough of the molecules get hooked together, the solution changes to slime!

Viscoelastic Slime is classified as a 'Non-Newtonian' fluid. When a force is applied to them - such as hitting them or attempting to stir them vigorously - they harden and behave like solids. Remove the force, and they begin to flow like liquids. Viscoelasticity is a property of materials that show both viscous (resistance to deformation under stress) and elastic (resistance to distorting stresses and the ability to return to the original shape when stress is removed) properties.

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