At Questacon, we believe that knowledge and understanding of science, innovation and technology is critical to a sustainable future.

We are committed to improving community understanding of climate change and demonstrating how we can protect and conserve the natural environment.

Shopping with us directly supports our mission as we aim to be a leader in sustainable retailing. We are working with suppliers to find solutions to challenges such as excess packaging, single-use plastics, and ethical and sustainable sourcing.

What we’ve done so far:

  • We don’t offer single-use plastic carry bags in our shop.
  • We’re working with suppliers to reduce or eliminate unnecessary plastics and packaging in their shipping to us, and in the products we sell to you.
    • Behind the scenes, we sort and reuse nearly all of the packaging we received in deliveries, and we ensure anything we can’t reuse goes to the correct recycling stream, directing as little as possible to landfill.
    • We reuse bubble wrap we have received, and only buy 100% recycled or recyclable alternatives.
    • Orders shipped are sent in reused boxes and new boxes are recyclable.
      • We’re focused on ethical and sustainable sourcing and work with suppliers to interrogate supply chains and product provenance.

      We are committed to continual improvement, so we’re always on the lookout for better ways to manage our environmental impacts.