Galilean Moons Gemstones
Galilean Moons Gemstones

Galilean Moons Gemstones

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This beautiful desk display of the Galilean Moons makes the perfect gift for the space enthusiast in your life, or anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of gemstones.

- Io: Yellow Jade
- Europa: Red Howlite
- Ganymede: Bamboo Jasper
- Callisto: Leopard Skin Jasper

Please note: as these are made from natural stone specimens, coloration & patterning will vary and some flaws may be present.

On January 7, 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei discovered, using a homemade telescope, four moons orbiting the planet Jupiter. Looking at what he thought were a group of stars, he realized the objects appeared to move in a regular pattern. These objects moved in the "wrong direction," according to the understanding of nature at the time. After a few weeks, Galileo determined that he was observing not stars, but objects in orbit around Jupiter. Today, Jupiter’s four largest satellites—Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto—are named the Galilean Moons in honour of their discoverer.

Galileo’s discovery provided evidence for the Copernican understanding of the universe. This was the idea that everything in existence did not, indeed, move around Earth. His discoveries led to the development of modern astronomy.

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