GIANTmicrobes XL Skull
GIANTmicrobes XL Skull
GIANTmicrobes XL Skull

GIANTmicrobes XL Skull

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About This Product

Discover the inner workings of your noggin with the GIANTmicrobes XL Skull! This plush toy features a removable brain, inner ear, and brain cell for educational fun. Plus, two pop-out eyeballs and mind-fueling facts on a printed card. Perfect for curious kids and playful adults!

- Premium quality plush
- Size: Approx. 25cm

Includes Deluxe size Skull with microbe mini inside zippered pockets:
- Brain Organ
- inner Ear
- Brain Cell
- 2 removable pop-out Eyeballs

Please note: This item is only available online.

FACTS: You can feel it in your bones that you would not go far without your skull. This bony framework supports and protects your brain and face. The adult skull has cartilage, ligaments and 22 bones. The cranium has eight bones that surround the brain and form the inner ear. There are 14 facial bones including the eye sockets, nasal cavity, and the mandible or lower jaw. The mandible is the only part of the skull that moves, allowing you to chew, sing or even perform Hamlet. “Alas, poor Yorick!”

Babies have flexible skulls to pass through the birth canal and allow their brains to grow. Their skulls are held together with sutures, or joints between the bones. As babies grow, the sutures help the skull grow evenly. The bones gradually fuse to form a solid skull. Adult skulls can often be distinguished between male and female. Male skulls are heavier, whereas female skulls are rounder with less protruding mandibles.

Skulls have often represented death and evil. Mexico celebrates Dia de los Muertos with decorated skulls. Celtic culture viewed the skull as the seat of power. In Buddhism, the skull represents emptiness and ignorance. The skull and crossbones symbol has been used in ancient funeral rites, on the Jolly Roger pirate flag and to label poisons. Despite the historic symbolism, there is nothing negative or scary about the bones of your head. Skulls are protective and wonderful, so hold your head high.

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