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Hand Boiler
Hand Boiler
Hand Boiler
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Hand Boiler

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About This Product

Let the Hand Boiler captivate you with its scientific wonder. This amazing liquid-filled glass demonstrates Charles' Law - as you hold the glass, the heat from your hand will boil and expand the liquid inside, forcing it up through the loopy neck. A fascinating science experiment in the palm of your hand - perfect for learning through play.

- Ages 12+
- 4 unique glass sculptures

WARNING: Hand boilers are made out of thin and fragile glass, take care when handling. Hand boilers contain ethyl alcohol, keep away from heat or flame. Flush with water if contact with eyes. Do not drink.

In 1787 Jacques Charles discovered that a gas volume is proportional to its absolute temperature, or in other words, as the temperature increases, the volume will increase. This became known as Charles’ Law, and it explains to us how this amazing Hand Boiler works.

In a closed container, as the temperature rises, so does the pressure. As the temperature increases, the molecules of gas in the container move faster, which increases the pressure. As the pressure increases in one of the chambers, the liquid will be pushed into the other chamber, thus creating a stunning liquid display.

Conversely, as the air in one of the chambers cools off, the moving molecules of gas slow down, lowering the pressure. The liquid will move from an area of higher pressure to an area of lower pressure.

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