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Sci:bits Table Top Volcano

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This reusable volcano model will have you exploring the science of volcanic eruptions over and over again! 

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Once you have put the volcano together, simply pour in the baking soda, then the vinegar, and you will have an impressive volcanic eruption in your very own home! You can add some red colour food dye to make it look more authentic. If you add the dye, add this to the baking soda before you pour in the vinegar. 

How does it work? The vinegar is an acid, and the baking soda is a base. Mixing them together creates a reaction between the two that produces carbon dioxide, which is what causes the fizzing eruption of your volcano!

This mini kit also breaks down the terminology used on the structural stickers, giving a brief definition on key terms such as: crater, vent, side vent, ash layer, lava, fumarole, and crust. 

What's in the box:

  • Volcano body
  • Eruption chamber
  • 2 x Sectional structure stickers

You will also need the following household items: baking soda, coloured food dye, and vinegar. 

Recommended for children aged over five years. Not suitable for children under three due to small parts presenting a choking hazard. 

Packaging dimensions: 94 x 94 x 94mm

This product makes a great classroom teaching resource, and can be used in classroom activities that align to the Australian Curriculum.


Content Descriptor

Year 4 - ACSSU075

Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity

Year 6 - ACSSU095

Changes to materials can be reversible or irreversible

Year 6 - ACSSU096

Sudden geological changes and extreme weather events can affect Earth’s surface

Year 8 - ACSSU153

Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks contain minerals and are formed by processes that occur within Earth over a variety of timescales

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