Mind Fuel Storm Cloud
Mind Fuel Storm Cloud

Mind Fuel Storm Cloud

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About This Product

Funtime Storm Cloud Weather Predictor is a fascinating scientific instrument dating back to the 18th century. Watch as the storm cloud morphs to predict the weather. Crystals in the cloud react to different weather conditions.

Each storm glass is made from hand blown glass and is not intended as a toy. Please handle with care and keep out of reach of children.

Storm Glass, a nineteenth century weather-predicting instrument, is a sealed glass container with a mixture of distilled water and chemicals, which predicts weather with various precipitant formations within the glass.

Invented by Admiral Robert FitzRoy and used on Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle, these glasses create different crystalline forms that range from general transparency to small flakes to spiraling threads from top to bottom, all of which correspond to variations in local weather conditions. The storm glass operates as a perpetual index of conditions that include fog, thunderstorms, snow, frost, wind, and clear skies.

In addition to functioning as an index of the weather, each unique crystalline form has different levels of transparency, ranging from clear in clear conditions to mostly opaque in stormy conditions. The storm glass combines an environmental instrument with aesthetic effects.


A: Clear Liquid - Bright and clear weather
B: Cloudy Liquid - Sometimes with small stars and crystals at the top. Cloudy weather and often predicts thunderstorms and rain
C: Small Stars in Liquid - Humid or foggy weather
D: Large Flaky Crystals - Cloudy skies, snow in winter
E: Threads of Crystals at The Top - Windy Weather
F: Crystals at The Bottom - Frost may be coming

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