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Ion: A Compound Building Game

An incredibly fun way to learn about the chemistry of basic elements, ionic bonding and everyday compounds.

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Ion: A Compound Building Game is an engaging card game where you begin with ion and element cards and select one to bond to a card or set it alone. You then pass the remaining cards to the next player to begin the process again. At the end of the round your score will depend on the compounds and noble gasses you have collected.

Ion, created by John J. Coveyou, takes about 20-30 minutes to play through and is suited to two to seven players.

Components included:

  • 45 x Ion cards
  • 15 x Noble gas cards
  • 6 x Transition metal cards
  • 6 x Polyatomic ion cards
  • 14 x Radioactive cards
  • 9 x Goal cards
  • 21 x Action tiles
  • Score mat
  • 7 x Player markers

Recommended for ages eight and over. Not suitable for children aged three and under.

Packaging dimensions: 132 x 215 x 40mm


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