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Hydraulics Classroom Innovation Kit

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Look out future engineers and physicists! With the Hydraulics Classroom Innovation Kit students will uncover the science behind water as a force of motion as they engineer their way to many cool designs.

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Ever wondered how scissor lifts move around, or how a robot arm lifts products off a surface? The answer lies within the use of hydraulics. Hydraulics is derived from the Greek word hudraulikos; ‘hudor’ meaning water and ‘aulos’ meaning pipe. In simpler terms, hydraulics is the science of liquids used as a power source of motion through pipes. In no time you’ll become an expert in the power of water through motion with this class kit!

In modern society we now use hydraulic fluid in pipes and pistons to help us in our daily life from scissor lifts, to robot arms, excavators, skid steer loaders, and even dump trucks. With this kit you’ll not only be able to encourage students to recreate a model of these designs, but you can also get students inventing their own hydraulic systems. Soon your students will outshine inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci and Blaise Pascal!

The Hydraulics Classroom Kit encourages students to navigate the scientific experimenting process through the identification of challenges, brainstorming ideas, designing solutions, testing theories, evaluating and building structures. This kit educates individuals within the following studies: levers and simple machines, engineering and invention, fluid studies, and design and technology. Perfect for individual or group activities, Hydraulic Classroom Innovation Kits are also perfect to unleash the crazy inventor within for the perfect science fair concoction.


This kit includes:

  • 60 x 20cm long sticks
  • 30 x 11cm holder
  • 15 x 12cm arm 
  • 15 x 13cm stick
  • 20 x 6cm stick
  • Excavator fork 
  • 60 x 3cm block for wheels
  • 80 x 2.7cm block
  • 4 hole plate (6 sets of 12 pieces)
  • 3 hole plate (6 sets of 12 pieces)
  • 32 x Syringes 5ml with holes
  • 32 x Syringes 5ml without holes
  • 40 x Tubes
  • 15 x Wide tubes for stoppers
  • 30 x Wheels
  • 60 x 3cm Dowels 
  • 50 x 10cm dowels
  • 25 x 12.5cm dowels
  • 10 x 20cm dowels
  • 6 x Scissor blocks (set of two)
  • 12 x Base piece
  • 12 x Large base piece
  • 6 x Small platform 
  • 60 x Screw eyes
  • 60 x Twist ties
  • String 4m
  • Mini ydraulic excavator
  • 10 x Syringe holder

This kit is recommended for children aged 10 and older. Not suitable for children aged three and younger due to small parts.

Packaging dimensions: 245 x 320 x 220mm

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