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Hydrapult Kit

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Launch into the world of catapults – but with a twist! Power your projectiles with water with this Hydrapult Kit by Pathfinders.

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Catapults have been used for hundreds of years and were first developed during the time of Ancient Greece. The Hydrapult is a fascinating twist on the classic catapult, instead using water to power the swinging arm! The idea is still to hurl things through the air as far and as on target as possible, but instead of gaining power from wood or twisted rope, it uses water pressure, also known as hydraulics.

By following the detailed instructions in the 12 page instruction manual, you can create three different catapult designs made out of beautifully cut wooden pieces. The designs differ by the placement of the hurling arm. The easy-to-read instruction booklet contains some fascinating facts about hydraulics, physics, levers and projectiles. It also includes information on how to create a target so you can have competitions with your friends or even yourself to see how well you can use your Hydrapult. The kit comes with soft clay to use as your projectile or you can even use some marshmallows or cotton balls and see the differences in hurling distance.

This is a great kit for anyone wanting to try out model building and have some fun with hydraulics and catapults!


The Hydrapult kit includes:

  • 6 x Dowels
  • 4 x Dowel holders
  • Dowel holder – base
  • 4 x Dowel spacers
  • Secondary hurling arm
  • 2 x Main support structure
  • Arc holder
  • 2 x arc
  • 2 x Main hurling arm
  • Arc brace
  • 6 x Base pieces
  • Main projectile holder
  • 2 x Secondary arm holder
  • Secondary arm spacer
  • Main arm spacer
  • 2 x Syringe linkage
  • Syringe holder
  • 2 x Syringes
  • Tube
  • Foam pad
  • Sandpaper
  • 3 x Elastics
  • 9 x O-rings
  • String
  • Glue
  • Soft clay
  • 12 page instruction book

Additional materials such as a ruler and scissors are also required for construction (not included).

Recommended for ages eight years and over. Not suitable for children aged three years and under.

Packaging size: 255 x 190 x 55mm

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