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Blood Cells - Giant Microbe Boxed Set

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If you have a phobia of blood, we assure you these adorable blood cells won’t make you faint! Cast off your hemophobia and learn to love these useful cells! With our amazing plush technology you can hold gigantic Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, Plasma, Platelet and Antibody mini microbes in your own two hands!

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Red blood cells dominate the 70 trillion cells and friendly bacteria in your body – there’s about 20 trillion of them! Think of white blood cells as your body’s white knights – if an enemy germ invades you, they will come to the rescue and fight them. Plasma makes up 55% of your blood, and platelets are there to prevent bleeding by enabling clotting. Antibodies are produced by the immune system to help identify viruses, bacteria, or toxic chemicals. Observe the microbe’s individual features up close and learn new and exciting facts about your favourite microbes. These hand-washable microbes are the perfect addition to any fun educational environment.

What’s in the box:

  • Red Blood Cell
  • While Blood Cell
  • Plasma
  • Platelet
  • Antibody

Made out of all plush materials, these polyester fibre filled creatures are easy to take care of. With each microbe you receive a printed card with educational and fascinating facts about the cell and how it functions. Not suitable for children aged three years or below.

Packaging dimensions: 149 x 230 x 55mm

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