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Backyard Insects

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Do you know the insects in your backyard by name, their scientific classification and their role in nature? Do you know how they live and what they feed on? Your backyard may contain over 25 different types of insects all cohabitating in an ecosystem of one square meter. This colourful book describes over a one hundred of the most common insects living in an Australian backyard. The publication will provide you with insight of most common and not so common inhabitants of your yard. Beautifully illustrated with photos the book is written by two passionate scientists who want to share their knowledge about the insects that share your garden.

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Australian backyards are full of interesting, exciting and remarkable insects. Whether you love or hate them, insects are far from pests , they are part of our ecosystems and are necessary to support live as we know it. From aphids to flies, ladybirds to wasps, insects of all shapes and sizes share our homes and gardens. On every block in Australia there are a myriad species of insects, but how do you recognise them? In this book, Paul Horne and Denis Crawford describe, define and illustrate what makes one species different from another. 

An updated and revised edition, the best-selling Backyard Insects explores the fascinating secrets and habits of more than one hundred bugs that are common to backyard Australia. Crawling with full-colour, larger-than-life photographs for easy identification. 

From Melbourne University Press website 

About the authors

Dr Paul Horne is an entomologist who, since 1996, has run his own company, IPM Technologies P/L, specialising in integrated pest management and the biological control of insect pests. His work regularly takes him to all states of Australia and around the world.

Denis Crawford has been working with insects for more than 35 years as either researcher, writer, photographer or adviser. His work combines a passion for macro insect photography with his professional interests in horticulture and the environment.

Recommended for 11 years of age and over. 

Book size 210 x 140 x 200mm

272 pages

Written by Paul Horne, Denis Crawford
Format: Soft Cover
ISBN: 9780522869101

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