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A Natural History of Beer Book

A through, thoughtful exploration of how beer first happened, how it happens everyday and just what is going on when it lands on your tongue!

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Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall bring together a clever piece which focuses on the foundations of one of the most beloved beverages to humankind, beer!

What can beer teach us about biology, history and even the natural world? Explore further as this book explains how we came to drink beer, what ingredients combine to give beer its distinctive flavours, how beers chemistry works at the molecular level, and how various societies have regulated the production and consumption of beer.

Drawing from such diverse subject areas such as animal behaviour, ecology, history, arcehology, chemistry, sociology, law, genetics, physiology, neurobiology, and more, DeSalle and Tattersall entrtain and inform with their engaging stories of beer throughout human history and the science behind it all. Readers are invited to grab a beer and explore the fascinating history of its creation.