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Use the radiometer to detect radiant energy and become fascinated by this incredibly captivating instrument!

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When the radiometer is placed in sunlight or light, the blades spin around towards the lighter side. The lighter side reflects the rays, while the darker side absorbs and radiates the rays.

Sir William Crookes created this scientific tool for detecting and measuring radiant energy (electromagnetic waves). Under a glass dome, four blades pivot on top of a thin needle. The blades rotate when exposed to light, with faster rotation occurring when exposed to more intense light, providing a quantitative measurement of electromagnetic radiation intensity.

The radiometer is the perfect addition to anyone's desk and would make a great gift for science teachers or anyone interested in radiant energy. It can also be used as a classroom activity for when learning about radiant energy.

Batteries are not required.

Recommended for ages eight and over. Not suitable for children under eight years of age as the dome is made of glass.

Radiometer size: 125 x 80mm

Packaging size: 130 x 80 x 80mm


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