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Questacon Periodic Table Notebook and Ruler

No matter the setting, the Questacon Periodic Table Notebook and Ruler will let everyone know that you are student of science!

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What better way to take your notes down than in the Questacon Periodic Table Notebook! Whether scribbling in class or taking notes for work, this 100 page ruled notebook will do the job exceptionally well. The best part is, flip to the front and you have a full periodic table inclusive of atomic numbers, element symbols, atomic weights and element names. It is even colour coordinated. If this was not enough then never fear because there is also an added ruler included. One side of the ruler measures to 30cm, the other to 12 inches and on the end there is even a protractor.

Packaging dimensions: 300 x 215 x 10mm

This product also makes a great classroom teaching resource. This product can be used in classroom activities that align with the Australian Curriculum.


Content Descriptor

Year 8 - ACSSU152

Differences between elements, compounds and mixtures can be described at a particle level

Year 10 - ACSSU186

The atomic structure and properties of elements are used to organise them in the Periodic Table


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