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LittleBits - Gizmos and Gadgets

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The Gizmos and Gadgets kit from LittleBits is the ultimate product for the little inventor looking to add electronic circuits to their creations.

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The LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets kit is the toolbox of every child’s dreams. This toolbox does not just fix things but lets you create a whole world of possibilities. Whether you have something in mind or draw inspiration from an invention already produced, LittleBits will let you create like you never thought possible.

The magic behind LittleBits is how each bit makes a complicated process very simple. Each bit serves a purpose and easily snaps to your circuit thanks to magnetic, colour coded and reusable pieces. Maybe you need a light, maybe you need a remote control or maybe you even need a rotating fan, you are only limited by your imagination. Included in the Gizmos and Gadgets kit is everything you need to create 12 unique inventions from the instruction booklet, once you see how bits work together you will start to think of new and creative ways to use them with your surrounding resources.

Take the LittleBits components, add craft supplies, household items, other toys or building sets and create amazing electronic projects that will blow your mind. LittleBits is an award winning product that is just as amazing at home as it is in the classroom. With the LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets kit, you can take inventing to a whole new level. You can turn everyday items into extraordinary inventions. If what is in this kit is not amazing enough, you can incorporate other LittleBits to work with this one. All LittleBits kits can work as a team, it is just a matter of you combining them to create your next amazing invention. So, when you are ready, check out the QShop online to find more LittleBits products.


What Bits are included in the box:

  • 1 x Fan
  • 2 x Slide dimmer
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x Light sensor
  • 1 x Bar graph
  • 2 x Power
  • 1 x Servo
  • 1 x Split
  • 1 x Wire
  • 2 x DC motor (tethered)
  • 1 x Wireless receiver(5 channels)
  • 1 x Wireless transmitter (5 channels)

Additional Accessories:

  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 12 x Shoes
  • 2 x motorMate
  • Servo accessories
  • 2 x Mounting board
  • 2 x Battery and cable
  • 8 x Brick adapter
  • 2 x powerSnap
  • 3 x Glue dots
  • 2 x Wheel
  • 1 x Sticker sheet
  • Servo mount
  • Mechanical arm
  • 1 x Ball caster
  • 8 x Project templates
  • Servo hub

Recommended for ages 8 and over. Not suitable for children aged three years and under as it contains small pieces that may be a choking hazard for small children. This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death.

Packaging Dimensions: 310 x 200 x 70mm

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