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Galileo Thermometer - Various Sizes

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Modern thermometers are so outdated. Go really retro and have a thermometer that is based on a design that is 400 years old!

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Galileo Galilei, the infinitely talented scientist and astronomer (and all round rebel of the 15th century), discovered the principle that offered us the first accurate reading of ambient temperature. Galileo’s Thermometer, while not technically created by himself (it was created by scientists in his honour), demonstrates his discovery of the principle on which this thermometer is based - that the density of a liquid changes as temperature changes.

This beautiful glass sealed cylinder contains a paraffin liquid that suspends colourful hand-blown glass baubles which are carefully weighted to different volumes. Attached to each of the baubles is a metal tag with the correlating temperature.

The theory behind the weather gauge suggests that as ambient temperature changes so does the temperature of the paraffin liquid within the cylinder. This temperature has an effect on the density of the liquid contained within the carefully weighted glass baubles, as each bauble is weighted differently they sink or float at different ranges. Observing the bauble nearest to the centre of the cylinder provides the accurate ambient temperature. If there are no baubles in the centre, an average reading of both the top and bottom closest bauble will provide the temperature.


Galileo's Thermometer is available in four sizes that have different temperature ranges.

15cm Galileo Thermometer contains four coloured glass baubles with and accurate temperature range of between 18°C and 24°C

  • Product size: 155 x 46 x 46mm
  • Package size: 213 x 78 x 74mm

28cm Galileo Thermometer contains six coloured glass baubles with an accurate temperature range of between 18°C and 28°C.

  • Product size: 280 x 60 x 60mm
  • Package size: 320 x 88 x 78mm

44cm Galileo Thermometer contains nine coloured glass baubles with an accurate temperature range of between 16°C and 34°C.

  • Product size: 440 x 70 x 70mm
  • Package size: 480 x 108 x 105mm

56cm Galileo Thermometer contains eleven coloured glass baubles with an accurate temperature range of between 16°C and 36°C.

  • Product size: 560 x 80 x 80mm
  • Package size: 600 x 105 x 100mm


  • Size
    15.5cm, 28cm, 44cm, 56cm
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