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Eco Recycling - Ein-O Science

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Did you know that plastic is made from petroleum, a resource that will run out one day? Did you know that it takes 500-1000 years for a typical plastic bag to decompose?

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Explore what recycling means and why it is important with the Eco Recycling kit. Create homemade paper, build a water filter, learn all about recycling and more! Both informative and fun, this kit encourages sustainable thinking and actions from a young age. Containing eight unique and engaging activities, the Eco Recycling kit promotes active learning for kids and will teach adults a few things to.

What’s included:

  • Plastic frames
  • Rolling pin, tweezers and stirrer
  • Mesh screen
  • Filter funnel, cloth and cap
  • Tank
  • Flat Beaker
  • Gravel and sand
  • Marker Sticks
  • Ordinary and biodegradable loose fills
  • Biodegradable plastic bag
  • Plastic sample tags
  • Labels
  • Recycling poster
  • Instructions

Recommended for ages eight and over. Not suitable for children aged three and under.

Packaging size: 600 x 190 x 63mm

This product also makes a great classroom teaching resource. This product can be used in classroom activities that align with the Australian Curriculum.


Content Descriptor

Year 1 - ACSSU018

Everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways

Year 2 - ACSSU031

Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose

Year 6 - ACSSU095

Changes to materials can be reversible or irreversible

Year 7 - ACSSU116

Some of Earth’s resources are renewable, including water that cycles through the environment, but others are non-renewable

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