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Discovering Science: Forces We Use Everyday

This book is a resourceful introduction to the world of physics for students to discover the push and pull forces that are used every day.

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Forces We Use Everyday is an exceptional resource targeted towards lower primary, Foundation – Year 2, and is part of the Discovering Science range developed to support classroom learning. This excellent book engages students with the forces of physics, exploring pushing and pulling motions, throwing and kicking movements, and how to recreate these forces in everyday life.

Young learners can engage with physics as they explore the pages filled with exciting facts, detailed photographs and information. The book explores these forces in toys, swings, and games such as ‘Gangsing’ which is an Indonesian spinning top game or ‘Len Saba’ which involves pushes a target with an object and originates in Thailand.

Recommended for ages four and over.

Book size: 245 x 195 x 4mm

24 Pages

Written by: Troy Potter
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781486012916


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