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Blind Date - Giant Microbe Boxed Set

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If you are looking forward to catching the love bug on your next blind date you might want to look out for a few of its friends who are coming along. Enjoy getting up close and personal with microbes such as kissing disease, bad breath, diarrhoea and so much more. This will be one blind date you’ll find hard to forget!

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Ever considered how a date could be going with a microscopic eye? Well look no further than the giant microbes Blind Date gift box. Giant Microbes also make excellent teaching aids as they assist students to develop an understanding of biology while using a fun, hands on approach.

Included in this box are kissing disease, pimple, cold sore, diarrhoea and bad breath. What more could you want in a date? 

Kissing Disease may infect more than 95% of the population but it will soon find its way to your heart with mild symptoms. By the end of the date you’ll want to kiss goodbye to this virus. Pimples are a common occurrence throughout adolescence as nearly 100% of the population suffer from them at some stage within their lifetime. Pimples are a sign of infection as they cause redness, swelling and a variety of lesions. Cold sores are caused by a strain of herpes simplex virus (HSV) and we wish you luck trying to shake this particular individual. As cold sores are highly contagious you won’t be kissing anyone for at least two weeks! Diarrhoea is a bacterial infection that will leave you not only with abdominal discomfort but also a loss of salts and minerals that are necessary for normal bodily function. Fortunately diarrhoea will love you then leave you. If you are considering a scent to remember on your date you don’t have to look far. Bad breath can supply you with all you need as it is caused by gas rising up from the stomach. This box is about to give you a date you’ll never forget!


  • This product is not recommended from children aged three years and younger, as parts may dislodge and become a choking hazard.
  • Packaging size: 149 x 230 x 55mm
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